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1.One of most important thing is drilling.

For drilling missions we use our augers.

Augers First we need build in Weapon Factory.

When we train them we go on World map.

In world map we seleckt (MISSION DRILLING).

When we send augers and when they come back they bring us a lot of Resources.

Drilling missions are very importand and you should repet them often.


Bank is the place where we keep resources of our enemy.

If u have the Resources what you dont need deposite them in your bank.

if you miss eny cide of resurces Withdrow them from bank.

Your resources are save in bank no one cen take them.


Use your Fox Dollarsa for speedup all your buildings troops and researchs.

Fox Dollars are important part of game


Energy always must be positive.Because when energy is not positive you will ricovers less resources.


Always build your steel mine gold mine and fuel rafinery.

6. airport and weapom factori

Every lvl of airport or weapon factory reduces Training time  for all your troops


Every Research is importan. You need all time spend in your researching.

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